Barcelona with Julia Outliers

“I love to play at being a tourist in my own city, and Poble Nou is a neighbourhood where I go to take a holiday without ever leaving Barcelona. A typical day in the area for me would look something like this: Start off with breakfast at Little Fern followed by a visit to the Can Framis Museum. I like to have a mid-morning coffee at Espai Joliu, and check on the plants and magazines they have on display in this little jungle of a cafe.
Feeling all green and inspired I might head over to Alblanc Atelier florist, then stop by the noak room store and Espacio 88. When lunch rolls around one of my go-to spots is Blu Bar, an unpretentious vegan restaurant, with a sunny terrace and delicious menu. Finally I’ll have my mid-afternoon coffee at Casa Taos, a real gem, and a perfect final moment of calm before heading back to reality.”

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