Flagship store

After five years of creation -2013-, Walk with me inaugurated its flagship store at number 30 Leon Street in Madrid Barrio de las Letras neighborhood. In this way, the Spanish brand opens a window of contemporary design and local production in one of the most popular and, at the same time, most international neighborhoods in the capital, with some of the most interesting proposals on the national scene.

With that same intention, the store, designed by architect Matteo Ferrari, he and Tornasol Studio stepped in to unite the store and workshop space, where most of the products that are on sale are produced. Focused on simplicity, minimalism and usefulness, Walk with me designs respond to the requirements of the day to day in a space inspired by these same values. The customer, in addition to having access to these designs through the store, can know the process of them through the workshop, integrated into the premises as a meeting point, and even have customizations in the direct dealings with the Design Team.

In that same workshop is where Walk with me investigates, tests and designs with materials that are chosen with a clear concern for the sustainability of the products. In short, a project with a clear ecological and social conscience, which controls both its environmental impact and each stage of the production process, creates responsibility from the moment the idea is developed until the customer acquires a product with the guarantee of Walk with me brand.

The result of these lines of thought and work are the collections such as the Deren accessory line. Produced with a mixture of recycled leather fibers and natural latex, the materials are ecological and have characteristics very similar to leather or backpacks—created with 100% organic cotton. This continues through the editorial line of Walk with me Maps, which works with recycled paper.


But Walk with me is also a collaborating brand. Much of the production - approximately 80% - is carried out in its own workshop, while the remaining 20% ​​is carried out in a workshop in Madrid. On the banks of the Manzanares, this workshop owned by Miguel and his family, cultivates extensive experience in the leather goods industry for more than 60 years.

Along with these and other collaborators, Walk with me aims to recover the generational baggage of these craft workshops, allowing the team to draw on experience and good work to develop new designs which will soon materialize into objects.
Images taken by Asier Rua.