Our values


As part of a global commitment towards sustainability, we have moved to plastic-free production. We use paper to pack all our products, so our customers can recycle it easily.

For our online orders, we use a heavy paper bag, made from 100% recycled paper. The idea behind this packaging is that you can re-use it as a basket, a shopping bag or as a flower pot.


We aim to work with suppliers within Europe: Italy, Belgium, UK or Spain.

Our extensive research aims to find suppliers that meet the following requirements:

Using high quality materials. 

Being sustainable in all their processes, and using recycled materials that help our planet. 

Most of our suppliers have been in the business for over 50 years, having the knowledge and experience to develop the most resilient materials.

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We don't stock. And there is a simple reason for that.

All our products are 100% made by us. We do everything, from design to manufacture. 

In this way, we have created a weekly production schedule, in order to produce only what has been ordered. We stock raw material (and some products for our stores), and our goal is to convert it into a product once we receive an order.


We want our products to be used for as long as possible. That's why we offer a repair service to all our customers. You can send them to our workshop, or visit us in our Madrid store, to fix any issues with your bag. 

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As part of our commitment to low impact business, we have designed and curated a beautiful map of Madrid, where we recommend unique businesses to visit. 

We give away this map for free, in order to help small businesses like ours to be visible to citizens and visitors. You can find stores, restaurants and bars, cultural spots, or just hanging around the river with an electric bicycle. 

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