We walk, we evolve


Walk to be healthy.
Walk to avoid emissions.
Walk because there’s no more
sustainable way to get around.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk so as you can look up, look around,
take your time, and be fully aware of what
you see, hear, smell and feel.
Walking is a multisensorial activity,
and it connects you to your city in a way
that no other means of transport can.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk alone, walk with friends,
walk with lovers or virtual crushes.
Walk to be closer to animals, insects and plants
and be genuinely nice to them:
they’re the most important of the most important.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk away from binarisms, Walk across any gender border. You’re a human being, so:what else does matter?

Walk and keep walking.

Walk with style and avoid fleeting trends,
embrace atemporal design
and prioritize ethics and quality:
walk with objects that will last forever.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk with the essentials.
Walk to create, walk to evolve.
Walk to go —always— a step further:

Walk with me

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Because we’re proud of everybody we work with and everything we do. We wanted bags that didn’t come with unnecessary branding, hidden plastics or excessive prices.

Our story

Our story began in 2016 in a small workshop in the outskirts of Madrid. With only one sewing machine and a lot of ideas, our brand was born.