Walk to be healthy.
Walk to avoid emissions.
Walk because there’s no more
sustainable way to get around.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk so as you can look up, look around,
take your time, and be fully aware of what
you see, hear, smell and feel.
Walking is a multisensorial activity,
and it connects you to your city in a way
that no other means of transport can.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk alone, walk with friends,
walk with lovers or virtual crushes.
Walk to be closer to animals, insects and plants
and be genuinely nice to them:
they’re the most important of the most important.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk away from binarisms,
Walk across any gender border.
You’re a human being, so:
what else does matter?

Walk and keep walking.

Walk with style and avoid fleeting trends,
embrace atemporal design
and prioritize ethics and quality:
walk with objects that will last forever.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk with the essentials.
Walk to create, walk to evolve.
Walk to go —always— a step further:


Make cities more and more walkable — and animal friendly and genderless.

Animal friendly
Or cruelty free: you name it. The fact is that no animal will be harmed to produce our vegan products.

“Gender is not something that one is, it is something one does, an act a ‘doing’ rather than a ‘being” —Judith Butler.

Walk with me means also walking with Plastic Collectors and other initiatives, brands and walkers that work day after day to make cities more sustainable and inclusive. We firmly believe that joining forces is always the best way to reach our objectives.

Our desire to always go a step further makes us adaptable to change and open to the needs -and wishes- of our walkers. In other words: “we walk, we evolve”.

It couldn’t be otherwise. Being responsible to the planet and its humans -and all the beings- is our priority in everything we do.

That’s why we embrace:

· Durable materials: our products are created to last a lifetime.

· Atemporal design: Walk with me avoids trends and hype, preferring to remain timeless.

· Ethical processes: we locally produce in Spain, always ensuring honest and ethical work conditions.

· Essential product: our accessories are an ode to minimalism, either in design or everyday life.


“Walking is mapping with your feet. It helps you piece a city together, connecting up neighborhoods that might otherwise have remained discrete entities, different planets bound to each other, sustained yet remote. I like seeing how in fact they blend into one another, I like noticing the boundaries between them. Walking helps me feel at home.” —Lauren Elkin


"A city building, you experience when you walk; a suburban building, you experience when you drive" -Helmut John


“God made us walking animals – pedestrians. As a fish needs to swim, a bird to fly, a deer to run, we need to walk; not in order to survive, but to be happy.” —Enrique Peñalosa.


“Paths are made by walking”
—Franz Kafka


“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”
—Friedrich Nietzsche


“If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk”


Finally Found My Perfect Bag


Sabina C.

I've always liked simple designed bags and could never find one I really like. But this one is perfect for me. (+)

Best Quality!


Demah A. 

I’ve been using my purse for the last couple of months and I absolutely love it! Great quality, stylish and extremely durable. (+)

Beautiful bag!


Joyce K.

The bag is slightly smaller than what I need, as it is difficult to get my usual items in it: wallet, smartphone, glasses. (+)


Giving Back

1% of our sales to fund Plastic Collectors. They organize monthly trash pickups on beaches and in forests, done by collectors and volunteers.

Collectors are people at risk of social exclusion that they hire thanks to our donations. Collectors are a fundamental part of the project.

Check out their instagram to see their last actions!@plasticollectors. Let's clean our planet!

Materials Certifications

Our future-leather is made out of 90% Microfiber (45 % Recycled PA + 35 % Recycled Polyester (PET) + 20% Pre consumer PA) + 10 % PU Coating.

Our webbings are made in Belgium with Recycled Denim / Tencel / Visose 74%, Polypropylene 26%.

All our products are delivered with an organic cotton bag. For our online orders, we use cardboard boxes, with a certified FSC forest.