What we do

Our formula

Minimal & multifunctional design


Own manufacturing facilities


Sustainable materials


Real sustainable alternative

We design

Yes we do. It's one of the most important part of our process. We design thinking on how you wear your personal belongs, how we can make them multifuncional, and how we can make them clean and minimal. All our process starts briefing what we need, and, after developing and testing as many samples as needed, we launch our products. 

One piece

Our products represent the essence of them, with a precise design and based on the simplicity of the geometric forms. 

A minimal design thought of the usefulness of each detail. 

Let's keep it simple.

* featured: Triangle Bucket deconstructed

At Walk With Me, we like to keep it local.

We have created a friendly and welcoming space in which design, production and retail all sit under the same roof, inviting you to see exactly how we work.

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Our impact

Localism is at the heart of our supply chain, that’s why we’re able to cut, sew, and ship an item within just a few days - minimizing environmental impact.

We are trying to make a positive impact on the world of retail by eliminating unnecessary waste, creating limited runs and repurposing materials as much as possible.